Q4 That sounds quite broad – how do you go about finding out what is REALLY going on, how do you get to the nitty-gritty?

We ask a lot of questions, we listen carefully and we observe.  In a nutshell we gather feedback and then feed it back to the leadership, the team or the individual.  It may sound simple but the power of what we do lies in its simplicity.  We don’t analyse data but we get the leadership involved and engaged in finding the solutions.  Our expertise is in the way that we do this, and this is where our business backgrounds come in.  We have all been leaders of businesses, so we have stood in our client’s shoes and we know how it feels.  And of course we make sure that feedback is gathered and given in a safe and supportive environment – a lot of what we do involves anonymity or confidentiality on the part of the participants.  Intellectually people understand what we are doing – it sounds simple – but we find that when they experience it at an emotional level, when they are in it at such a depth, that they can often find it life-changing.

Q5 – So what exactly does that entail?

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