What Our Clients Say

“Mandy, you opened up a space for us last week, which will help us grow individually and as a team. It will push us to the next level. I am excited about it. Growth is always challenging and messy, but it is beautiful when a team breaks through. It seems you always come at the right time, and we are ready for more. Thank you so much for helping our organization continue to develop and grow.”

Client feedback from a Team Development Session

“I am not a big fan of most facilitators/coaches, but for me, Mandy is an exception to that rule”.

Chief People Officer, Financial Planning and Investment Services

“A great day and extremely useful! We should go there every six months as a reminder of our mission”
“Thanks for this Mandy and thanks again for the terrific session!”
“It was very useful session- especially 6 hat technique. It does make you think differently. We just need to practice.”

Feedback from a Creative Strategy team event in London

“Thank you so much for taking us through another incredible growth session. We are on a wonderful journey together. I believe this team is capable of achieving anything together” Chief Product Officer

Feedback from a Team Development Event in Arizona

“Thanks again for guiding us through the sessions. Your work has been a cornerstone of our leadership progression and a guide to me personally. How cool is that! Well done”

Feedback from a recent Team Development Event

“Thank you for your incredible presentation. You two are truly amazing! We are so grateful for both of you! It was inspiring”
Chief Product Officer

“Many thanks for your time today and in the team session. I have found the whole experience really valuable – both as a leader within the team and personally. I really appreciate all your insights and guidance and will take it all with me on the journey”.
VP, Marketing – Financial Organisation

Feedback from a recent keynote speaking engagement in Texas conference for over 2,000 global supply chain and procurement professionals

“Thank you so much. It was interesting, inspiring and practical. I know the team really enjoyed it and I certainly did too – we all learned a lot from you.” Head of Contents Operations – A financial information and analytics company

“Thank you both for an excellent programme. Not only has it been a privilege to meet you both, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, webinars & 121 sessions and found it very insightful & I will certainly continue to use some of the tools you have provided”.
Financial Services

“Thank you Mandy. I applaud how you facilitated this meeting and re-energized our team”

“Excellence in Leadership worked with me in making sure we give people something to aspire to in the future, a future purpose, making sure they really want to belong to something that they can be really proud of. It’s really where you move from being an organisation with employees and managers to an organisation that has a much stronger bond, almost a unity like a family with a common purpose”.
Neal Watkins, Chief Product Officer and Executive Board Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, UK

“We went through one or two reorganisations within my team and we used Excellence in Leadership to help us facilitate the communications of those and to work out what we were going to do. There were lots of helpful hints and reminders from Mandy using our MBTI that we worked with her through.”
Tim Noble, Managing Director and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Intercontinental Exchange – ICE Data Services

“Mandy is an amazing talent and had an enormous positive impact on me and my teams. She’s the best at what she does. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.”
Debbie Fogel-Monnissen

“I am sure this workshop was a milestone to a new chapter in our Region where the credibility, the unity and the inspiration of the Leadership Team will become a differentiating factor for our company success in the marketplace and creating a fantastic place to work. Thanks for the great facilitation and support.”
Executive Vice President

“Thank you for your time and insight; I really enjoyed the two days and do think this has given us an improved platform for success.”
Credit Management Company

“Thank you all so much for organising and delivering our event. I thought the discussion was quite fascinating and certainly picked up a lot from the team about how people are feeling and where we can continue to improve how we work. It was also great that it was so thoroughly positive! Thanks for helping us shape the agenda and get so much out of the time.”

“Excellence in Leadership works with us through organisational change and organisational culture. Mandy and her team have worked on two or three projects with me where we’ve taken an organisation and worked on the culture really from the individual contributor all the way through to me as the leader of the organisation”

Feedback from a speaking event