Our 3rd book “The Leader’s Guide to Impact”, by Financial Times Publishing is out now and is the next book in the FT’s popular Leader’s Guide series. Order the book now on Amazon.  We have written 3 books and have been awarded 11 awards.

At Excellence in Leadership we have a unique approach to working across broad and diverse organisations, delivering transformational cultural change that truly supports leaders and teams to thrive through change. We see that the pace of change today is unprecedented as we hear about the need to cut costs, increase productivity and improve service on an ongoing basis. Our advisors know that organisations want to do more than keep up, they want to innovate and prosper through change and that requires a deliberate approach. Engaging and motivating people through inspiring and effective leadership is crucial – if this human dimension is not addressed fully it will affect employee engagement, morale and productivity. It will impact the bottom line.

We use our unique, creative and direct approach to drive cultural change. We develop powerful authentic leaders, enhance leadership team dynamics and move organisations forward. Whether we partner with you on a complete integrated change program or an individual intervention we will enable you to deliver lasting transformational change – working at an emotional and behavioural level.

When you work with Excellence in Leadership we truly partner with you to guide you through the unique issues you are facing and to pull out strengths to support you.

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Leadership Challenges Poll

Leaders from 20+ countries were invited via social media and direct contact

104 people responded to the poll

Top 5 challenges experienced by leaders at this time of global pandemic, according to this poll. Percentages indicate how many of the respondents reported a particular challenge.

If you are interested in the details, you can download the results here.

The Results

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