Elisabet Vinberg Hearn

About Elisabet

Elisabet has an international background, having supported organisations around the world for over 20 years in her capability as a Senior Leadership Strategist. She is the co-founder of Think Solutions in Sweden and the UK, and the CEO of Katapult Partners, and she is a member of the AI Forum Advisory Board.

Elisabet worked internationally for American Express Europe for 13 years. Her various leadership roles there covered service excellence, process reengineering and cultural transformation.

Award Winning Author on Leadership

Elisabet’s fourth book, “Supercharged Leader,” co-authored with Mandy Flint, is scheduled for release in May 2024 by Pearson. Building on her success with previous works, she is the award-winning author of ‘The Team Formula’ (2013) and ‘Leading Teams: 10 Challenges 10 Solutions’ (August 2015), published by the Financial Times, which has earned four awards. Her third book, “The Leader’s Guide to Impact,” released in April 2019 by FT Publishing, also received four awards. Elisabet’s consistent record of impactful leadership literature makes “Supercharged Leader” eagerly awaited, promising valuable insights for readers.


Elisabet specialises in future leadership, successful corporate cultures, business transformation and sustainable businesses. She operates as a senior advisor and facilitator, speaker and executive coach, working with individuals, teams and organisations, providing strategic leadership and tactical solutions to clients around the world. Her personal and professional style combined with a progressive leadership approach delivers lasting results for her clients. Elisabet tailors her approach to all clients, creating solutions that bring value to each unique client


Since leaving American Express in 2001, Elisabet has worked with many global organizations and their leaders and teams, to achieve leadership, team and organisational excellence. Her clients include ABN AMRO, Royal Bank of Scotland, American Express, MasterCard, H&M, IKEA and Skanska amongst others. She’s a corporate speaker, frequently hired to talk at industry events, conferences and network meetings – mainly on the subjects of Future Leadership, Leadership Impact, Winning Teams and the human side of Digital Transformations.


  • MBA Leadership & Sustainability, University of Cumbria
  • Certificate in Business Sustainability Management, University of Cambridge
  • Certificate in Artificial Intelligence in Business Strategy, MIT CSAIL.
  • Certificate in Microeconomics of Competitiveness, Michael Porter, Harvard Business School, University of Cumbria
  • Marketing Economics degree from IHM Business School, Stockholm
  • Psychometric tools – MBTI step 1 & 2, Firo-B, Strengthsfinder, Reflector Big Five Personality
  • Association for Integrative Psychology AIP Certified NLP Business Trainer

Focus Areas

  • Helping leaders find their authentic leadership and maximising this
  • ·Raising leaders’ awareness of their own strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Managing personal impact by communicating and influencing effectively
  • Effective Stakeholder Management – managing key business relationships
  • Leadership and sustainability – coaching leaders to develop a complexity thinking that considers business sustainability over time
  • Strengths and development feedback and coaching including 360 tools
  • Getting ready for the future; continuous, agile leadership development to meet future business/people challenges and opportunities
  • Understanding how mindset and attitude drives leadership behaviours
  • How to lead and manage change with head and heart
  • ·Providing very open, direct, impactful real time feedback
  • Planning the journey for development of a high-performance team