Q5 So what exactly does that entail?

We use a lot of tools to enable us to really get beneath what people are saying and bring out the truth.  This means we are able to go to a deeper emotional level to find out what is driving people.  To do this we may conduct an Employee Insight Study and facilitate the feedback to the leadership, giving specific examples to show how the simple things can make a big difference.  Or we may carry out a Team Climate Study by interviewing selected contributors or perhaps gather 360 Degree Feedback using competence-based or emotional intelligence-based tools.  We may use psychometric tools or run a programme on Self Leadership and Empowerment.  We use a wide variety of techniques and once we have got to the underlying issues we will facilitate sessions to move the organisation, the team or the individual through their change journey.

Q6 – What are you able to do that the organisaton can’t do for themselves?

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