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The Leader’s Guide To Impact

Want to have a greater impact in your work? This book is for you!
Another great leadership book from Mandy and Elisabeth! What I like about their books is that their lessons and guiding principles are very clear, illustrated by very realistic (probably often true) case studied. This makes the learnings easily relatable and actionable. I have applied number of the learnings in my work gaining immediate positive impact. Specifically section around impact on peers provided me with very new perspective. This is not yet another book on leadership. This is your guide to have greater impact in what you are doing. What drives me is having an impact – so definitely a book I would recommend!

Valuable and practical guide to the most important aspects of good leadership
What I loved most about this book was the combination of well researched data and theory (plenty to learn), and helpful guides for putting it into practice (plenty to try). The book is enjoyable to read and has real substance. I have bought it for all of my direct reports and I think it is an asset for anyone, whether or not they are a formal leader.

Practical, motivational and impactful!
It is well documented that it is key leadership behaviours which create trust, inspire others and ultimately deliver lasting impact.
In ‘The Leader’s Guide to Impact’ by Mandy Flint and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn it is inspiring to read that enhancing these behaviours are the focus for the book. Naturally they have included excellent strategies and actions to take in order to create impact, however, the authors emphasise the key leadership behaviours which really influence the engagement and motivation of employees and subsequently the bottom-line results. It is evident from the excellent stories peppered throughout the book that how you make people feel, rather than your actions or position, is what really engages employees.
There are useful takeaways, clear road-maps on collaboration, managing up and change management coupled with ideas to guide the reader to greater self-awareness and leadership impact. The self-assessments and useful ‘coaching’ questions in each chapter will appeal to and enhance all levels of leadership.
As an executive coach I also found many useful ‘tools’ and techniques to strengthen my own practice when supporting leaders to create greater gravitas and impact.
Thank you Mandy and Elisabet for another excellent read.

A leader’s guide that genuinely triggers true introspection
There is no such thing as a perfect leader but if you learn from the lessons shared and invest in the principles in this book, you are well on your way to becoming an accomplished, authentic leader who understands and uses their personal impact with maximum effect.

A really interesting and enjoyable read which is instantly useful and applicable
You know a book is great when, from page one, it feels connected to where you are and what you need right now. I could use ideas from the book straight away, and the balance of research, ideas and case studies has given me a deeper understanding of how impact is created in those daily choices, both my own and those around me. I highly recommend this book to leaders of all levels. This kind of insight is invaluable.

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Leading Teams: 10 Challenges, 10 Solutions

Leading Teams: Genuine help is here!
They say that leadership is like ski-ing; it can’t be learned from reading a book. However, whilst there are no shortcuts around practice and experience, there is absolutely no doubt that the authors of this book genuinely want to help you learn and progress with a series of easily read steps on classic obstacles.

My sense is that the ideal user of this book is someone who is starting to take on greater leadership responsibility and is self-aware enough to know that they can learn from the tried and tested experiences of others rather than approach every challenge as a unique, new problem. It also works as a go-to reference when you might feel stuck with a particular dilemma. I could also see anyone involved with a virtual team really benefitting, too. The chapters on ‘Encouraging long-term thinking’ and ‘Change’ are particularly good.

This book cannot guarantee you won’t make some mistakes along the way, but its proven wisdom and obvious desire to help you will mean you can approach the privilege of leading people with a strong sense of knowing how great outcomes are within your reach. You and your teams will likely smile more by trusting the positive intent on each page.

A smartly written mine of powerful information
Leading Teams 10 Challenges 10 Solutions is enjoyable to read thanks to a clear structure easy to follow, and a mix of powerful practical advices and short stories that we can all relate to. Whether as a leader or a member of a team, everyone can learn from the various scenarios, understand how situations develop and benefit from the author’s extensive experience in helping shape teams.
A must-read for any new team leader at the start of their journey and a reference to go back to whenever we want to improve our team performance. I loved Elisabet and Mandy’s first book The Team Formula, and I absolutely also recommend this one!

This book highlights the importance of cohesiveness within the team in order to drive and sustain success. The difference in this book is that Mandy & Elisabet don’t just address the effectiveness of the way we use our skills, techniques and resources but also the relational practices. Sometimes, this can be side-lined & overlooked. It serves as a reminder of how we work as individuals, and how we work as a team has an impact on the whole organisation and the bottom line.
The book is easy to read, well structured & the solutions are incredibly helpful regardless of your level of experience. The toolkit on how to run a team workshop will be of value to all leaders.
I particularly like the stress on the importance of people working together, pulling together and supporting each other.
The approach of how to turn negative thoughts and feelings into powerful thoughts and feelings is truly impactful.
Overall, very inspiring & a book one that every leader should read.

A brilliant book full of practical examples – I love the layout which can be read cover to cover or works really well for dipping in when you need ideas and support around a specific problem or scenario. I highly recommend this to both new and experienced Leaders – the best book I have read on Leadership and employee engagement.

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The Team Formula

A management book and a story
The Team Formula is a most unusual management book; it aims to lead the reader to understand how to create an effective team; by telling a story. It treads a delicate line between its self-imposed task of coach and the need for a story compelling enough to keep the reader turning pages. It succeeds. The story is set just after a corporate merger. A manager, thrust into the role of team leader of a group of disparate individuals struggles to form them into a team. The book takes us through that struggle, observed through the eyes of the group’s members. It examines their emotional reactions to each other and to their new leader. Through this peek into their different worlds, the readers’ imaginations are sparked, and the book fulfils its aim of being a coach; by posing questions that the readers can answer for themselves. The story is strong enough but told succinctly enough that it is a short and easy read. I enjoyed it and will refer back to it.

Read it straight off in one easy read that
Books with the word formula in the title remind me of hideous days at school trying, yet again, to grasp basic algebra..that or battling with an Excel spreadsheet..
Not the case with The Team Formula. A truly enjoyable and easy read.. I read it during my relocation flight to South Africa from the UK.. couldn’t have been a better read given I was moving to a new country, a new team and a whole new life. Using a story based approach, Mandy and Elisabet really bring the characters to life. I found myself recognising certain behaviours – not all of them good either – in myself and also in the experiences I have had with others.. I would love to have had a book like this on hand a few years ago… It reminded me that no one is as confident as they make out..nor do they have all the answers..its how you work with others and understand each other that makes a good team great.
Cannot recommend this enough..I hear there may be a follow up…I’ll be pre-ordering for sure.

A clever and insightful window into the world of Team Behaviour
The Team Formula is a fantastic tool to use when reflecting on your own position within a team, whether as a leader or a team member. It gives valuable insight into how different personalities interact within a team and considers the one thing that most business books forget: feelings. Hearing the voice of Stephen allows the reader to really engage with the emotive elements of the difficulties he is facing. Having read the book I felt inspired and energised to develop my leadership style. As someone who has only recently moved into a management position, I am looking forward to using this book as a tool to develop myself further. There is no role and no position that the message of the Team Formula does not apply to.

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