Leadership Team Development

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Team Impact Discovery

We work to create authentic team dynamics, focussing on behaviours and relationships. We will quickly help a team understand their current state, create the ideal state and bridge the gap.

We build a unique program for each client, but to give you an idea some of the very effective methods we use include:


Feedback is the life blood of successful organisations. We often conduct a Team Climate Study. This is a unique process to get deep feedback from team members, a section of the organisation and even external stakeholders. It’s a highly confidential process that really delivers high value and actionable information. We then offer Leadership Team events with a process to analyse, review and act upon this rich feedback. We would love to tell you more about this and other ways we can swiftly uncover the reality of your team.

Team Awareness

  • At Excellence in Leadership we use MBTI, FIRO-B and other psychometrics to explore and understand the leadership team impact upon the organisation. When we run a session with these tools we ensure they are applicable and deliver real time, in the moment learning
  • Facilitated team sessions to build trust and alignment
  • Facilitated workshops to foster and harness innovation for growth

 I can’t overstate the value of these sessions for me personally. As an INFP, that’s where it all starts for me before spilling out into the rest of my life – career or personal.   Thank you for enabling and empowering, and Mandy, for your amazing facilitation. I consider it a privilege to be part of this. It is energising and inspiring. So excited to take it forward too!