Supercharged Leader

Supercharged Leader: Develop your mind and skillset to deal with anything

Introducing our latest book, “Supercharged Leader.” Delve into the dynamic world of leadership as we unveil The Six Superchargers™ – a revolutionary set of attitudes and competencies designed to empower leaders. In an era of rapid workplace evolution and increasing complexity, this book equips you with the tools to boldly navigate challenges and lead with confidence.

Many leaders are so busy doing the technical, practical, and operational aspect of their job that they have very little time to also be strategic about their leadership. They are ‘running on empty’ and missing the time to focus on current AND future expectations of them as leader. As a leader, you must find out what that is and start supercharging your leadership now. 

 Leadership is continuously evolving. Looking forward, what will leaders who want to stay ahead need to focus on now to equip themselves for the foreseeable future? What mindset and skillset do leaders need to develop and utilise to build their career and be successful going forward? What behaviours do they need to demonstrate? How do they need to show up? And how do they develop them and supercharge their leadership? 

We have identified The Six Superchargers™, a set of six attitudes and competencies that, when combined, will enable leaders like you to boldly face a workplace that is rapidly evolving and becoming more complicated. With the aid of these solutions, you can strengthen your long-term leadership capabilities and prepare yourself to handle situations that we are still unaware of.   

  • Supercharged STRATEGY – think and act strategically
  • Supercharged INCLUSION – create a workplace where everyone can contribute
  • Supercharged CONNECTIVITY – build people networks and connect digitally
  • Supercharged COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE – ignite brainpower and innovation
  • Supercharged LEARNING – draw non-stop learning from all results
  • Supercharged AGILITY – respond to change and create opportunities


Hot off the heels of our book launch in Las Vegas April 2024,  Supercharged Leader is now on WH Smith’s Business Bestseller list!

It would be fantastic to see it climb to the top position! 
Do you have your copy yet? Let us know what you think of it. 


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