The Leader’s Guide to Impact

We are very excited and proud to share that our third book “The Leader’s Guide to Impact” has been honoured as a Book Excellence Awards Finalist in the Leadership category.

“Watch our video on Disruptive Live TV where we talk about our latest book “The leaders Guide to Impact” here we explain in more detail the 3 parts to the book. Everyone has an impact, leadership is the act and art of influencing others so if you have to influence others then you are a leader. There is something for everyone”.

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Things move fast. Leaders need to create impact in each moment, to not lose that moment.

Creating impact is a positive, powerful and authentic way to demonstrate you’re taking charge, get more from your team and drive business results. But to succeed, you need to create the impact you WANT and need rather than relying on what you HAVE.

Mandy’s and Elisabet’s third book, The Leader’s Guide to Impact, will show leaders how to create the impact that will help them connect with others in a respectful way, to create trust, get others to listen to them, influence effectively, drive results and much more. And most importantly, the book will also show leaders how to do it in an authentic way that supports your reputation and brand effectively.

Managing and creating impact is not a “nice to have”, it’s a business necessity.

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“Impact is such an important and not really talked about topic. This book is about how impact starts from within.”

Tim Noble, Vice President, Global Head of Sales, ICE Data Services

“If there is one book you read on leadership, this is it. Be the best leader you can possibly be, by taking control of your impact on those around you.”

Vanessa Vallely, OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity , Author of “Heels of Steel”

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