Mandy Flint

About Mandy

Mandy is a leadership and cultural change strategist and a C-suite board-level advisor. She has over 30 years of experience in developing and transforming leadership at the very top of some of the world’s most admired organisations. Mandy works with C-suite leaders at a behavioural and emotional level to help organisation leaders create strategic leadership focus and direction, building a sense of purpose and mission that anchors organisational strategy.

Mandy started her leadership career at American Express where her career evolved from operational leadership roles into introducing and implementing a Europe-wide cultural change programme. She went on to establish Excellence in Leadership, which has become one of the most admired boutique leadership advisory businesses with clients all over the globe. Mandy has studied at Harvard Business School focusing on the concept of the Service Profit Chain. She is also media-trained and is an established speaker on leadership and cultural change.

Mandy is a multi-award-winning author, along with Elisabet, of four books on leadership and a frequently published writer. Mandy has a passion for helping leaders achieve their best including preparing CEOs for the most challenging role of all and then supporting them as the CEO. Working with Executive teams on team behavioural dynamics that impact the strategy and direction of the business, she has helped transform hundreds of organisations.

Mandy has worked with a range of companies including MasterCard, Lloyds, American Express, Symantec, Virgin Atlantic, Hewlett Packard, SAP, the NHS, BAE systems, ISM Institute of Supply Management, Evelyn Partners Wealth Management and Sage.


Mandy’s philosophy is, innovative and fresh. Working with strengths she encourages leaders to be authentic.  She has often achieved results in organisations that have exhausted the traditional approaches. She focuses on the impact on the individual, the team and the organisation. Mandy works in collaboration with clients and uses her experience and knowledge to meet their needs. Her expertise in creating visions, leading cultural change, and improving team dynamics and leadership behaviour/impact is a recipe for success.  Mandy prides herself on doing what’s right for her clients and will work with them to achieve transformational results.


Bringing more than 25 years of extensive global experience, Mandy has collaborated with Board members, CEOs, Executive Vice Presidents, Global Heads, and Senior Business Leaders across diverse industries. Her expertise lies in offering executive coaching, team development, and strategic leadership services. Operating under the banner of Excellence in Leadership, Mandy’s impact is felt worldwide as she engages with teams and individuals through one-to-one executive coaching, team development, transformational change initiatives, strategic development, and leadership in cultural change.   Her client list includes prominent companies like MasterCard, Symantec, Virgin Atlantic, Apple, NHS, Evelyn Partners, Chambers and Partners and many more.

Focus Areas

  • Leadership impact within the environment, with teams, peers, seniors, and stakeholders in direct and matrix structures
  • Handling internal politics
  • ‘Growing up’ in an organisation. Being promoted to leader from within the team and onto the board
  • Authentic leadership and using your strengths and true self to be successful
  • Intensive strengths and development feedback and coaching including 360 tools
  • Understanding how mindset drives leadership behaviours
  • How to lead change with courage – examples of what that means in real-time challenges
  • Personal coaching in influencing and leadership impact
  • Providing very open, direct, impactful real-time feedback
  • Leading cultural change
  • Planning the journey for the development of a high-performance team and board
  • Reviewing and planning the development of others, including succession planning and development
  • Focus on adding value for customers and applying business acumen
  • Personal coaching in role models and communication for a high-performing environment 


  • Psychometric and leadership tools – MBTI, FIRO-B, Situational Leadership, Transactional Analysis, NLP
  • Media Trained
  • Mandy has studied at Harvard Business School and has certification in the Tavistock Programme specialising in Advanced Process Consultancy
  • Mandy is a fellow at the London Metropolitan Business School