Anna’s Reflections on Teamwork

Many teams talk about teamwork, but few take it the whole way, where old territorial walls come down and the generous exchange happens in earnest.

Anna, one of the characters in “The Team Formula” reflects on teamwork in this short excerpt from chapter 16.

“Up until now we haven’t given ourselves time to talk about this. We’ve just been busy, busy, busy, running around as if being busy makes us successful, well it doesn’t. It’s fundamental for us to have these discussions in order for us to be successful.

The power for me was in the open discussions we’ve just had, in our sub-groups. I think we need to have them in this whole group too. For the first time, I feel we are more or a team. We are finally coming together on the same side with a common agenda.  And if we’re all on the same side, then there is nothing we can’t do.

Imagine the power of us all being on the same side; we’re all clever people, imagine what we can achieve together. If we’re all together, behind something, we would be completely unstoppable. We would multiply our learning, our output, our results. Doing so demands complete trust and willingness to let go of any territorial thinking or defensiveness. Then anything is possible. That’s what I think we can get from this.”

Where are you and your team on a teamwork scale of say 1-10? And if you’re not at a 10 – how could you develop your teamwork further? What aspect(s) of the Team Formula could you apply?

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Author: Excellence in Leadership

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