Rosie Andrews

Rosie Andrews

For the last 5 years EIL and Mandy Flint have supported Rosie, an extraordinary young Para-Equestrian dressage competitor, who has defied her many personal challenges in order to follow her passion and strive to achieve her goals in life.

“Rosie is a team player who could make a huge contribution to para-equestrian Dressage in the future. She had the dedication, talent and tenacity to win, but is modest and knows how to present herself and represent others” says Mandy.

Additional funding is essential for any top competitor and equestrian sports in particular are expensive. The quality of horses competing in international para-dressage is exceptionally high, and so not only are highly talented riders needed, but also highly accomplished horses. By providing access to her horses, Mandy helps to give Rosie the opportunity to develop her talent and to compete at the highest level.

Rosie is always looking for help and support to continue her quest. If you think you could help her please click below to find out more about her.

 Rosie’s Brochure