Q1 What typical challenges is an organisation facing when they bring you in? What are they trying to do?

As a “boutique style” consultancy we have an individual approach.  All of our leadership work is bespoke and we love working on unique solutions tailored to our individual clients.  But of course there are some universal challenge.  For many organisations it often involves driving the business forward through some kind of change phase – it may be  restructuring, a merger or takeover, or perhaps they are looking for a cultural change to give them that added edge over their competitors.  If morale is low and affecting the bottom line they may be looking for some Insight to get a handle on what is really going on in the organisation, and to understand the impact of the leadership’s actions and behaviours.  Team dynamics can often be a big challenge during a period of change, so it may be around developing ahigh performing leadership team, or dealing with the problems faced by virtual teams spread over several international regions.