Some Comments about The Team Formula

The Team Formula Here are just a few of the many positive comments we have received since the book was published.  You can see the full reviews on or

            • This book can be a game changer for you and your team!, 26 Mar. 2015
              I had the pleasure of meeting both authors when they facilitated a seminar for my company and I highly recommend them and the book. It’s a relatively simple read that covers complex interpersonal and team behavioral issues that effect many businesses today. It addresses trust, communication, personal accountability and team dynamics in an easily digestible format.
              I’ve used the book as a facilitators guide for driving change within my own team and the results were very successful.
              Amazon Review, 26 Mar 2015
            • Thank you for sharing book which I have just completed, it is really amazing!
              I absorbed it just prior to our program together – it was excellent. It was a pleasure to tie it back to a great team of leaders.
              Owner, Outdoor Activity Team Building Organization
            • “The Team Formula poignantly portrays some of the most common situations leaders face today. If you are an experienced leader or someone just starting out your career in leadership, this book will be an asset. There is a template within the book that I have used as an exercise with my team which drove strong shifts in collaboration and cohesiveness. It is the best business I have read this year, hands down.”
              Senior Manager, USA
            • “For someone who likes to learn from life, without doubt this book is very refreshing. A quick read with real characters and real situations… Some good practical takeaways. I think these leadership messages resonate across cultures also. Can’t wait for the next installment!”
              Amazon 5 star review
            • “The Team Formula is a most unusual management book; it aims to lead the reader to understand how to create an effective team – by telling a story.  It treads a delicate line between it’s self-imposed task of coach and the need for a story compelling enough to keep the reader turning pages.  It succeeds.”
              Amazon 5 star review
            • “This is an amazing read!  Three hours spent reading this will give you insights into team behaviours you have spent years trying to understand”
              UK Country Director, Power Industry UK
            • “The Team Formula is an essential read for newly appointed and more experienced team leaders.  Simple, yet profound, this motivational book will help leaders to have the courage to involve their teams in an open and honest process that ultimately builds the level of trust required to thrive in today’s competitive and unpredictable global marketplace.”
              Amazon 5 star review
            • “The book is very well written and a page turner. I was eager to know more about the story so read very quickly. But it was definitely worth a second read to take all in. A little book of great use! I recommend it to new leaders and to seasoned ones alike.”
              Amazon Review
            • “I had to stop myself and ask ‘how did Elisabet and Mandy know so much about my experiences as a leader?'”
            • “Mandy and Elisabet successfully managed to write a book about one of the most common subjects in a new, fun and simplistic way.”
              Catharina Gehrke, Head of Marketing, Global Insurance Company, Stockholm
            • “This book is quick paced and rammed packed full of learning. Even if you finish it in an afternoon (like me) you will be drawn back to it for inspiration. Great book, great format and great choices!!!”
              Amazon Review
            • “The Team Formula poignantly portrays some of the most common situations leaders face today. If you are an experienced leader or someone just starting out your career in leadership, this book will be an asset… There is a template within the book that I have used as an exercise with my team which drove strong shifts in collaboration and cohesiveness. It is the best business I have read this year, hands down.”
              Amazon 5 star review
        Launch Party March 2013

        Launch Party March 2013

            • “Every leader is looking for the answers of success in how to build a great team and I think I have just read the formula. Team Formula is a great leadership fable with very distinct characters whom experienced leaders will immediately recognise from their experiences of leading teams.”
              Global Vice President, Technology Company, UK
            • “This is the first leadership book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading, it was one of those books that you just don’t want to put down. The fact that it was written in the form of a story made it extremely relevant, and in my opinion depicted the real challenges that leaders face in their careers.”
              Senior Leader, Technology Company, Australia
            • “This is a really different way to write about leading teams, and the experience of Mandy and Elisabet shines through. I congratulate them on trying something new. It is, as it says on the tin, fun and informative” Amazon Review
            • “A great read. It is so easy to recognise where you have reacted in the same way, how to do things better and how to recognise when you could fall into the same situation.  If you are going through any team changes, amalgamating team or about to manager a new team……read this first.”
              Amazon Review
            • “This book is an essential ‘must have’ item for any leader and team’s tool kit and written in such a great story type FUN format. I look forward to the next in the ‘Little Book for BIG Success’ series!”
              Customer and Process Improvement Leader, UK
        Speeches at the Book Launch

        Speeches at the Book Launch

                  • “Whether you are a people leader or team member, the book provides insights on how to make working on a team more fun and with better results. Even for the experienced leader, the story provokes reflection on leadership effectiveness.”
                    Group Executive, Financial, Multinational Organisation, New York
                  • “This book really captures the essence of what a great leadership programme can do for a team, especially when they are a new team or not performing at their best.”
                    Amazon Review
            • “Packed full of really good insights into human behaviour, thoughts and feelings, this book is an addictive read about team success. I liked this book enormously, it has a warm and friendly feel about it and I found that I was unable to put it down. I had to keep reading, I had to know what happened to the team – although I knew it was about success, I needed to know why and how this happened.”
              Doctor of Business Administration Course Leader, Diversity Coordinator for MSL Senior Lecturer in Management & Leadership, Business School, UK
            • “I didn’t know that team building could be so exciting! Lot to learn and I learned a lot. The Formula can be used in other parts of your life too!”
              Amazon Review
            • “In the latter half of the book the reader gains clear models and ideas on how to lead teams effectively. With the focus on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ the questions posed challenge the reader and allow them to reflect on their own style of team leadership.”
              Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor, The Leadership Foundation, Coach/Assessor, Institute of Leadership and Management, Coach Supervisor, CSA, UK
            • “Mandy and Elisabet’s book shows the absolute necessity to share everything to become a team – in fact they give away many years of learning and trade secrets regarding team success – which is essential to any business, their team development skills are all beautifully demonstrated.”
              Global New Business Director, UK
            • “Knowing how to lead and influence teams is no longer a “nice to have”. With today’s global workforce and thin margin of error with your customers, educating your people leaders on how to lead their workforce is a “must have”. The Team Formula is a must-read for those with leadership responsibility, who want to sustain peak performance and delivery impactful results for their company.”
              Chief Financial Officer, Multinational Organisation, New York

        The Book Launch“There are many lessons learnt in the book, but if I had to choose one I would say the importance of “HOW” is the key one, as we often tend to neglect this in our pursuit of achieving the “WHAT”.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and can highly recommend it to new as well as experienced leaders.”
        Amazon 5 Star Review

        “Written in a fable format, this book reminded me of just how important it is to focus on engaging my teams on a daily and consistent basis. I would recommend this as required reading for any leader/manager needing a fresh perspective on collaborating and fostering synergy within their team.”
        Amazon 5 Star Review

        • “I was fully engaged to the end because I really wanted to know how the story would turn out. There are some helpful insights on behaviour and some really useful tools and techniques for building a team.”
          Amazon 5 Star Review
        • “I think everyone, no matter whether they are in a big corporate business, in a small enterprise, or even in social environment, have met some of the characters in this story. This is a feel good, positive dynamic thinking and motivating book – and one that would benefit so many people in a plethora of situations! A delightful and innovative addition to any bookshelf!”
          Amazon 5 Star Review
        • “This is such a refreshing read where, as you follow the development of a team, you “feel” the situations unfold and then see how they are resolved. This style makes it extremely easy reading compared to textbook-styles, and you can’t help but become drawn in to the characters and their personalities with each page-turn (some will even make you clench your fists!)”
          Amazon 5 Star Review
        • “The Team Formula is a fantastic tool to use when reflecting on your own position within a team, whether as a leader or a team member. It gives valuable insight into the way that different personalities interact within a team and takes into account the one thing that most business books forget; feelings.”
          Amazon 5 Star Review
        • “I think that probably the biggest compliment that I can offer around ‘The Team Formula’ is that within days of completing the book I had already started to implement some changes in my team as a result of what I read. I have seen for myself how effective those changes were and as such this will be a reference that I return to in the future for guidance and understanding.”
          Amazon 5 Star Review
        • “It takes time and effort to achieve such an accolade and should only be bestowed on those who truly understand what it means to the people around them. I read The Team Formula without really knowing what to expect and was rewarded by its concise messages, based on a realistic situation.”
          Amazon 5 Star Review
        • “The Team Formula lays out a step by step process for how to build a great team. It is THE blueprint. The blueprint is not based on theory, it is based on many years of implementation and coaching. While the format is in an easy to read style, the content is hard hitting and powerful. If you are a leader or aspiring to lead a team, READ THIS BOOK.”
          Amazon 5 Star Review