So you want to be a CEO?

Having worked with many CEO’s to either get them ready to be a CEO or when I help CEO’s in their roles, I agree with these four factors from Mckenzie. I would also add:-

If you are not a CEO yet, then behave as if you are already the CEO. Just do it and see what happens.

Your behaviour will speak louder than any actions you put in place

If you are a CEO, be very aware of the impact and affect you have on others, the title will speak louder than you can – your behaviours will count, and I mean every one of them, so choose carefully.

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So you want to be a CEO? These four factors will greatly increase your odds of stepping up into the top role:

1?? Take a gut check of your motivations and expectations.
2?? Elevate your perspective while boldly delivering results.
3?? Round out your profile with humility.
4?? Understand the CEO selection process and put your best foot forward.

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