Self Leadership and Empowerment ™


  • Designed in conjunction with our partners Stop at Nothing Inc. We offer this programme as either an in-house or open programme
  • Delegates learn to take responsibility for their own development, particularly relevant in times of change
  • As part of a cultural change programme, “Self leadership and Empowerment” is a highly effective programme to develop people along the change journey
  • The programme focuses on Emotional Intelligence and transforms people into more effective leaders: – to lead themselves and motivate and inspire others. To unleash the potential in everyone
  • Find out more about Self Leadership and Empowerment Seminars 2012
What participants have said:



“Fantastic balance between presentation, content, group exercise and personal reflection…”

“Thank you for an enlightening and inspiring couple of days, I really learnt a huge amount”

“I am definitely recommending this course to my team to attend”

“Great to see the value the team received from attending this session. I am always pleased when people stte they gain value from a personal and work perspective. The holistic approach from an individual is something unique that this programme provides”

“You’ll leave a different person with an understanding of what you can really achieve in life. But most importantly, you’ll choose to achieve it”

“A great programme and great Agenda. Probably one of the best workshops I have attended”

“An excellent and inspiring course, accessible to those at all stages in their career and applicable to everyone”