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Here are some excerpts from The Team Formula’s reviews on Amazon:

It took me 20+ years of leadership roles, many mistakes along the way and dozens of management/leadership books to finally find the best summary of what it takes to build a true team spirit – The Team Formula….

….Yes’ it looks at personal relationships – often neglected when fusing together old and new Team members. Other books tend to neglect personal relationships and in particular feelings….

….I think that probably the biggest compliment that I can offer around ‘The Team Formula’ is that within days of completing the book I had already started to implement some changes in my team as a result of what I read. ….

….The style of the book is open, innovative, contentious and highly practical. The reader is drawn in to the story and the key messages are subtly woven into the plot. …..

…Every leader is looking for the answers of success in how to build a great team and I think I have just read the formula….

…The journey of the team and its interesting characters is fast paced and I could not put the book down, a real page turner!…

….The book is interesting, provides clarity and a clever way to conceptualize how to deal with a common problem present in most organizations. I would highly recommend it and appreciate the authors for their work in bringing it to us.

Wow! This is a seriously good book. The first thing I loved, and number one for me, was that it was a page turner, and totally addictive, once I had started I genuinely wanted to read on and find out what happened to Stephen and his team….

I loved the book, great food for thought while also entertaining……

…I can’t wait for the next “Little Book of Big Success”

This book is quick paced and rammed packed full of learning. Even if you finish it in an afternoon (like me) you will be drawn back to it for inspiration. Great book, great format and great choices!!!

…This is such a refreshing read where, as you follow the development of a team, you “feel” the situations unfold and then see how they are resolved…..

…Even for the experienced leader, the story provokes reflection on leadership effectiveness.
…I wish I had had this when I began in a Leadership position….

….It is the best business I have read this year, hands down….

…It is, as it says on the tin, fun and informative. The book in my view is an observation of a team going through the experience, though the “Stephen’s Journal” device is a neat way of making it more just “fly on the wall”. It is essentially a how-to-do-it book with a new twist….

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