Personal Impact Discovery

This Personal Impact Discovery 360 feedback review is very personalized and in-depth. We work with the individual to focus on the feedback they are seeking, what they need to work on and what they need to ask others for feedback on. We then design a specific question set to use to interview each person voice to voice, so producing specific and targeted feedback for the individual to help with their development and recognise their strengths. We spend a day coaching them through their feedback and support them in formulating an leadership action plan.


  • Increasing personal awareness of others perceptions
  • Increase personal impact and raise awareness of impact
  • Raise levels of Emotional Intelligence- the HOW we do things as well as the WHAT
  • Recognising key issues affecting perceived performance
  • Identify strengths and barriers to further career development
  • Prioritisation of learning needs
  • Executive development Coaching to enhance performance
  • Action planning for performance

Benefits of having the Executive Development Coach include:-

  • Coaching from an independent external perspective and total honest approach
  • Totally confidential focus
  • Facilitation of the process to maximise the learning’s
  • Guidance by interpreting the data and feedback
  • Tools and techniques to help with development

Comments from some of our clients:

“Again, thank you for your time, energy and empathy…you are fabulous!”

“I had a full day with Mandy where she gave me feedback on the results of the Excellence in Leadership 360 and it was an amazing experience. As long as you do something with the feedback, it’s an absolute gift, not only to hear what you could do differently and better but also to be reminded of what you’re unconsciously competent in so that you make sure you continue to do it.”

“I shared the material with my wife and she said after having read it, that this truly reflects “me” … in an amazingly “pure” form.  Thanks for a great session, I feel elevated.”

“You sort of know but you really don’t until you dig deep into it and you’re seeing how you’re being projected. Excellence in Leadership did a 360 review of me and it’s interesting when you think how you are and then see how you’re perceived. I sort of perceive myself as Jack Walsh and some people see me as Hulk Hogan! Going into it I thought I knew a lot about who I was and what type of leader I was but the deeper we got into to it I did realise that I didn’t truly understand some of the short comings and Mandy did a great job of dissecting that and it really helped me”.