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“We decided to write the Little Book for Big Success series because we wanted to share our knowledge, built up over more than 50 years of business experience between us, of how to be effective as a leader and how to build and lead successful teams.”


The books are written in a story format (a business fable) and are designed to be easily accessible for both leaders and their teams. We work in the complex area of emotions and behaviours and our aim is for the books in this series to bridge the gap between the intellectual level of learning and the emotional level.

We have been amazed at the success of The Team Formula and have been inspired by the fact that it is used by many organisations right now to build and develop their teams.  We are also delighted to learn that The Team Formula was Runner Up in the Business Book category of the London Book Festival in 2014.

We are currently writing our second book in the series, The Culture Shaper.  Please read on to find out more about both of these books.


The Team Formula

The story takes place in the world of international business where as a result of acquisition, two companies merge creating a disparate team which is struggling with change. Stephen, as the leader of the team, is struggling to get them to work effectively and efficiently together. In these times of economic change it’s more important than ever that he gets it right. Follow Stephen and his team on their journey though the thorny maze that all teams travel through.

What our readers’s thought of the book
You can also visit our Team Formula Blog to find out more about the issues that leaders and teams face.


“We are invited every day to work with leaders who have been on leadership training programmes, yet still struggle to lead their teams successfully. These leaders have learnt business skills, tools and techniques but rarely consider how the individuals’ emotions and behaviours create the right environment for high performance.”


  • This book can be a game changer for you and your team!
    I had the pleasure of meeting both authors when they facilitated a seminar for my company and I highly recommend them and the book. It’s a relatively simple read that covers complex interpersonal and team behavioral issues that effect many businesses today. It addresses trust, communication, personal accountability and team dynamics in an easily digestible format.
    I’ve used the book as a facilitators guide for driving change within my own team and the results were very successful. Amazon Review, 26 Mar 2015
  • “….I’ve used the book as a facilitators guide for driving change within my own team and the results were very successful”
    Just received another great reader review for our book “The Team Formula”, showing that it’s a practical, useful tool – not just a book. Have you used it with your team yet? I’d be honoured if you would. Thank you! LinkedIn, March 2015
  • Thank you for sharing book which I have just completed, it is really amazing!
    I absorbed it just prior to our program together – it was excellent. It was a pleasure to tie it back to a great team of leaders. Owner, Outdoor Activity Team Building Organization
  • Very well done Team Formula!
    What a fantastic idea to show how to forge a team that can really perform by telling it as a story. This is a very entertaining book which allows you to learn and reflect while still enjoying a good story. I think it’s fair to say that anyone who has ever managed a team or even been in a team, can relate to all of the team in the book, especially with Samuel and JR. I think it’s fair to say in my experience, I’ve met a few “Samuel’s” over the years and I just wish I could have read this book before meeting them. I would certainly have managed them differently!!
    A great read and journey for anybody in a team that wants to perform better.
    Client Review of The Team Formula, January 2015

    The Culture Shaper

    Stephen, the new Head of Corporate Sales following a restructure, quickly realises that his new role is much more complex than he could have ever imagined. The matrix demands new levels of collaboration, which threatens everyone’s old comfort zones, forcing them onto a cultural journey which some are ready and willing for, but some are definitely not.  Is the matrix just a tangled web of deceit? Or can it be disentangled?


    “We are invited every day to work with organisations where leaders are well versed in processes and procedures but rarely successfully consider their culture as a success factor to be reckoned with. And yet, statistics show that one of the main reasons many mergers and acquisitions fail is that culture is overlooked and the results suffer as a result.”

    Business Book Club
    We recently had the pleasure of being invited to launch a new type of business networking club in London – a Business Book Club.  The idea behind the group it to take what used to be a regular business leaders network and give it a twist.  Senior leaders can discuss business and leadership issues and opportunities within the more relaxed framework of a particular book, and the discussion is led by the author of the book.

    This gives members the opportunity to probe the authors around key issues that affect their businesses, and to open up group discussions that add a different perspective to the issues.  We found the event both interesting and rewarding.

    If you would like to find out more about this new type of business networking and what it could do for your group, please email


    The Purpose of The Team Formula

    The story forces leaders to take a long hard look at themselves and ask the question: what choices am I making as a leader? How does this apply to me and my team? It engages and grips the reader whilst encouraging reflection, insightful learning and commitment to personal and team change. Readers can easily relate to the characters and real-life situations in our story. Everyone will recognise a part of themselves as well as their colleagues, which makes them want to know what’s going to happen next. It’s about the leader’s journey of development, as well as that of the team. Above all, this is a book about going from intellectual understanding to a change in behaviour.


    Launch of the Team Formula

    We had a great time at our first book launch in Brighton in March, and were delighted to reach no 7 in our Amazon category in the first week. We have also launched in London and Stockholm, with a launch in New York still to come:

    Brighton Book Launch:

    The Brighton Launch Party

    The Brighton Launch Party








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    Stockholm Book Launch:

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