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World Economic Forum – The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Generosity at work




Minute Hack – Social Media: What kind of brand ambassador are you?




CITY A.M. Mandy Flint and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn offer seven tips for steering your business through the unexpected

Inspiring Business – The chair’s blog – May 2019



Havard Business Review – Why you should have (at least) two careers





Do you have the busy bug







New Book – Leaders Guide to Impact







Your impact is your legacy





To be a great leader, lead yourself!





A healthy team through conflict leadership, not just conflict management




Delighted to be mentioned in this inspiring ted talk by Hannah Cotton about#killerstereotypes, Authenticity means to be yourself know your strengths, know they differ from individual to individual. #leadership #ceo #strength “Break the Man box” take a look here

Delighted and proud to see our book “Leading Teams – 10 Challenges 10 Solutions” has now been published in Spanish, in Mexico. So it is now also available in Spanish the 4th most spoken language in the world. Trabajar en Equipo con Liderazgo – 10 Retos 10 Soluciones




Drive team generosity.




Culture is created leader by leader minute by minute. Culture needs to be on every boards agenda.





9 steps to getting a team to go in the same direction


See how these 5 leading companies create extraordinary employee engagement, read our comments in the thinkingahead article here




5 Years ago today our first book “The Team Formula” A leadership tale about a team who found their way was launched! Our next book Leading Teams: 10 challenges 10 solutions was published by FT publishing. Now 6 awards later and we are writing our 3rd book about leadership impact for the FT out early next year! Proud moments. Writing is a fun and creative process, very time consuming but it feels great to share our knowledge and experience.




9 solutions to encourage long-term thinking in teams


It is 2018 already, future proof your leadership, how do we best prepare for leadership in 2020 and beyond ? Read a blog we wrote on this subject – Futureproof your leadership – How do we best prepare for the future as leaders?



What happens in the leadership void?



Master ‘change leadership’ – not just ‘change management’