What the individual gained…

  • “You’ll leave a different person with an understanding of what you can really achieve in life.  But most importantly, you’ll choose to achieve it!”
    Delegate, Self Leaderships and Empowerment Programme


  • “I got the offer of the promotion to Deputy Chief Executive!  My boss was sick this week and I had to step in and do his presentations, run the board development session and present all his papers.  They were really pleased with me; they discussed it and made me the offer.  I am so thrilled!  Thank you for all your help.”
    Deputy Chief Executive, UK Public sector organisation, Coaching


  • “Excellent and inspiring course, accessible to those in all stages in their career and applicable to everyone”
    Delegate, Self Leaderships and Empowerment Programme


  • “Superb course, some real practical advice and guidance on personal and professional development”
    Delegate, Self Leaderships and Empowerment Programme


  • “It was a great session – you ran a very good process from start to finish and I think the benefits to me, my boss and the company will be significant.”
    Director of a Technology Company on The 360 Process

Author: Marilyn Pearce

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