IMPACT Magazine celebrates one year

This last year has flown by – we are celebrating IMPACT’s 1 year anniversary!

We hope you have enjoyed the first 12 issues covering various angles on leadership impact. As we move into our second year, the magazine will now be issued every other month, with some additional contents.

In this July issue, we focus on how to do feedforward well, why managing change isn’t enough, the void that is created when a leader leaves, and we have also included some practical tips on making time for relaxation and recharge.

We also share another of our monthly IMPACT HACKS (quick, practical tips for great impact), this time on TIME.

And there’s a story about what happens when we go it alone.


Thanks for reading – enjoy!

In our September issue, we will turn our focus to “doing hybrid right” and more – see you then and enjoy the summer!

Author: Excellence in Leadership

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