• “Personally I thought Excellence in Leadership were one of the best I’ve seen. The processes were effective and drove the right dialogue. They even made us get up and out of our chairs – highly effective for me!” Management Development Director, Multinational Conglomerate
  • Mandy, thank you!  Your expertise as a facilitator and the way you designed the session based on the input received from the interviews was fantastic.  I enjoyed very much working with you.” Group Head of a financial organisation
  • Thanks for today’s session.  We accomplished a great deal and came out in a really good place.  I never cease to be amazed by what you can do” Senior Leader, Finance organisation
  • “Brilliant feedback on your course as always and thank you both for the effort you put into this and the reward the team got out of it.  Great individual comments which I will feed back to my management team” Vice President, EMEA
  • “Fantastic facilitators.  They kept the group on track and were very knowledgeable and very engaging” Senior Manager, Technology Company
  • “I was absolutely delighted with yesterday’s event, thank you for your support.  We made much more progress than I was expecting (we even have a strategic framework for the business now) and afterwards we all commented on how productive we thought the day had been.  Looking forward to a follow up session in a few months’ time”
    Senior Director, Financial Services
  • “It was great to meet you and to have the deep and highly inclusive engagements we had last week.  As the newest member of this team, last week was a very welcoming and revitalising experience. I left feeling ‘on fire’ and ready to hit the ground running”
  • “Excellence in Leadership helped the group to challenge themselves and alloweda bit of fun which was good too!”
  • “Many thanks for taking the time and effort to fly down here to South Africa to host this Workshop with us.  It is appreciated and valued.  I am looking forward to taking the effort from the last 2 days to produce fantastic results for the business!”
  • “How to I begin to tell you how much of an impact you had had on me both personally and professionally… there are no words to express that. You musts love your job! I can only imagine how fulfilling it must be for you to watch people and teams grow because of your guidance and facilitation. You are truely fabulous at this and should never stop because you make such a difference in people’s lives. You have in mine. In the three years I have had the privilege to be guided by you, I have changed “astronomically”. You know I had to throw that word in here. I know I still need work and truely hope that it will always be in your capable hands. Thank you so much!”
  • “Thank you for making it interactive, fun and a safe environment to ‘open up’ in”
  • “Fab facilitators – led and moved the group onwards.  However they held back and let our own ideas and thoughts flow”
  • “The team interventions were particularly successful.  Direct style with humour worked well with our team. One-to-ones with every team member helped to ensure all perspectives were surfaced and addressed. Excellence in Leadership kept a great pulse on how the team was doing” Senior Vice President of a global company (New York based)
  • “Great energy, good structure, examples, supportive and with humour.  The day flew by unfortunately”
  • “Mandy and Susan were both superb presenters and energisers”
  • “Excellence in Leadership has been instrumental in this process.  I am very confident that through a thorough implementation of this plan we will achieve, together as a team, an excellent result and this will make usan even more successful business”
    Vice President, American Express EMEA
  • “Excellent facilitation – kep the energy levels high”
  • “I left with a feeling of accomplishment, direction and excitement about what is ahead for our team”
    Vice President, Global IT provider
  • “Extremely well facilitated/presented.  I enjoyed the approach very much”
  • “Great presenters, really kept the attention and the energy in the group”
  • “Excellence in Leadership provides a mix of dynamic and interpersonal learnings for teams and their leaders.  The approach engenders trust and commitment from individuals and breaks down barriers to team success; most importantly participants have fun too!”
    Head of UK Retail Client Management, Financial Services company