Cultural Emotional Intelligence (Insight)

Cultural Emotional Intelligence (Insight)

Going far beyond traditional style focus groups, this provides an in-depth understanding of positive and constructive behavioural examples, so allowing a holistic approach to change and focusing on behaviours to role model.

Here are some quotes from a recent client:

“Excellence in Leadership really allowed us to think differently around trying to drive employee engagement across out people… they allowed us to really drill into behaviours and get beyond tasks and activity and really get into some of the things that can make a difference”

“They created a safe environment that allowed our people to really give feedback and provide examples at a behavioural level, and as they did that they really felt listened to, they felt valued, they felt appreciated and they felt open to share even more”

“The impact the Insight work made for the team was that we really managed to drive our employee net promoter score much higher and we had a 24.5% increase over a 6 month period, so there was a massive, massive impact”

“… it really started with me and my leadership team and we role modelled the way forward and then we really drove that across the whole organisation. So I think ‘Insight’ is a great process and if you want to drive greater employee engagement you should give it a try!”