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We started writing books together about 9 years ago.

It started as a bit of an experiment, where we were curious if we could find a way to condense down some of our learnings and insights on impactful leadership, collaborative teamwork and healthy organisational cultures, in a written format.

As it turns out, we found that it worked brilliantly. Writing together gave loads of opportunities to creatively challenge each other, build on each other’s ideas and insights, and hold each other accountable to getting the writing done, despite busy work schedules.

And it makes us so very grateful when we find that our readers find value in what we’ve written – that’s why we do it after all. Most recently we were excited and proud to find out that we had received our SEVENTH book award, and the first award for our latest book “The Leader’s Guide to Impact”, as it was honoured as a Book Excellence Awards Finalist in the Leadership category.

Thank you for reading and sharing!

We really appreciate it.

With Elisabet Vinberg Hearn

All 3 books are available to buy on Amazon

Author: Excellence in Leadership

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